If it has to do with writing, we've got it listed here.

Books (Both Paper & Electronic)

25 Ways to Write for Money, from

6 Figure Freelancer, by David Drake

Become a Children's Writer: Insider Secrets, by Jill McDougall

The Well-fed Writer & The Well-fed Self-Publisher, both by Peter Bowerman, a writer who not longer slaves at a day job.

101 No Cost (and Low Cost) Techniques to Turbo-charge Your Freelance Income, by Beth Erickson of Filbert Publishing. Poke around the site and take advantage of her free E-courses. A website that facilitates groups of  people who share common hobbies and interests. There may be a writer's group in your neighbourhood.

Writing For Dollars: This site has articles, guideline database and a free newsletter with extra goodies.